As the Joker said: “And here….we…go!…”

OK…She claims that she is against discrimination and racial profiling.  Well you know what Gov. Brewer, you are tripping!  What the hell do you think you just gave your local law enforcement the power to do legally!  Reasonable suspicion is way easier to get than probable cause. You are even giving the local citizens the right to sue people who aren’t doing their job!

This is not racial profiling?!  You are clearly delusional madam!  This institutionalizes Racial profiling!  She claims this is a well-intentioned law, but that does not mean that it is a good law.  I mean people thought there were good intentions to ban interracial marriages, exclude Chinese immigration, but were they good laws? Hell no!

Here comes the law suits!  This is ridiculous!

Obama’s response:

My problem is that whatever he puts up, will be a compromise that I don’t think anybody on the right will take.  Everything he dishes out, just like former President Bush served us will be looked at as amnesty?   So Mr. President, you have a lot of work to do, along with the list of hella shit you gotta get done.


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