Ward Connerly is whack

I echo the feelings of brother Ant who is gonna cut Ward Connerly. Just cuz yo ass made it don’t mean everyone else has, too!

Anyway,  here’s an article that was on KPBS and its basically about Ward Connerly not being happy with the UCSD administration on how they agreed to some of the demands of the BSU, but more importantly he’s going out of his way to check if the demands are constitutional.

KPBS News article

The lines that stuck out most to me were:

He said members of the Black Student Union would do the most good by going to churches and other organizations in their communities, emphasizing education to younger children to make them academically competitive when the time comes to apply to college.

There are numerous opportunities for publicly funded higher education in California — including other UC campuses, the California State University system and community colleges — so minority students don’t need to limit themselves to selective schools like UCSD, he said.

So basically Mr. Connerly is saying that Black communities are not preparing their children to compete at the UC level.  Whats even more interesting in my opinion is that he is telling us that if students cant get into the UC system, they can get access to other areas of “higher education”.  By saying this, he is reaffirming our criticism on the California master plan being a hierarchy within our education system; if you cant get into the UC, then you can try the CSU, and if you cant do the CSU, then find yourself at a CC.  Here’s more facts on how the system is jacked, the UC’s get a budget of about $1500 per enrolled student, the CSU gets $1200, and the CC’s only get $4000.   Education is pretty bankrupt in California.  So don’t blame the communities, blame the damn system that continues to perpetuate these systems of oppression!


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