This is what happens when people use the diversity that is the “melting pot” of America as an excuse for being able to throw these parties.  This is a response to the protests that have mobilized due to the first organized racist party, which the students involve claim “Academic Ignorance”….freakin lame!

Cookout Part Deux: Equal Rights
Type: Party – Reunion

Start Time: Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time: Friday, March 5, 2010 at 4:20am
Location: TBA
I advise you to listen to Uprising by Muse while reading the following (or knights of cydonia ur call wutev):

Recently, the UC Council of Provosts, several students, legislators, and the media, have all publicly condemned the recent PIKE-sponsored “Compton Cookout”.

The FACEBOOK EVENT page for the party is what started this horrendously misguided call to arms, and has people ignorantly shouting racism, intolerance, hate, and that this party invitation was “a mockery of black history month”.

As I have facilitated and attended hundreds of parties associated with UCSD students, I have never been to a party that was not a mockery of something. Additionally, parties are an innocent outlet for any kind of stress, and an arbitrary theme, satirizing some aspect of our cultures, is extremely commonplace for college parties. On Cinco de Mayo, we have parties making fun of Mexicans; on Veterens day, we make fun of veterans (yes, the same veterans who uphold our rights to free speech); on St. Patrick’s Day we make fun of the Irish. Everyone gets made fun of out of jest now, not hate.

This is not an issue of black or white. As a UCSD student, and even though I was not at this party, it is obvious to me that NO ONE INVOLVED IN THAT PARTY WAS PREACHING HATE, and when we observe the public reaction, it feels as if we are watching a bunch of children hurling canned PC responses at Stephen Colbert for being offensively conservative. DUH!

This is barely even an issue of free speech, because, like I said, no ideals were being preached, just passively and innocently mocked for the sake of having an excuse to eat delicious fried chicken and watermelon and drink malt liquor, which are all awesome things.

The inane email sent out to all UCSD students about this mentions that “thinking members of our community” should feel insulted, and despite the fact that said email was sent purely to save face and to appease the social requirement for a puritan display of delusionally misplaced compassion, as thinking members of the community, we should all be insulted at this overt assault on the civil rights of these students to free speech. If you truly care about civil rights, and you don’t just want to preach intolerance to cultural satire, then come to this party in honor of your favorite cultural stereotype to satirize and show these IDIOTS that intolerance is so 20th century, but coming together peaceably for the purpose of fun and unity is still very much in style.

So come get crunk with yo Peoplez, roll through with the Vatos, Crackers bring your favorite sister, get sandy with the Arabs, get Chinky with some saki bombs, throw up your fauxhawk with the Douchebags, get piss drunk with the Irish, come soaked in cologne with the Ginnys, bring some cheap wine with your Jew homies, get stupid like the Polish, pound vodka with your Russian friends, love humanity and embrace cultural differences through satire.

Don’t let ignorance and stupidity get in the way of our good time and let us set a precedent before this gets out of hand. We all must stand behind our fellow students. It would be nothing short of a tragedy for any students to suffer any punishment for what they wrote on a facebook page. We cannot allow this. The time for quelling this is now before it happens to you. We support Pi Kappa Alpha’s attempt to harmlessly make fun of those who would sincerely harbor disdain and resentment for another culture. We must always stand up for our rights and the rights of others, lest they be stripped from us.





They will not control us.

I invite anyone in disagreement to kiss my black ass.

Peace, Love and Unity
-Sincerely, Mike Randazzo



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