Dont fall for the false generosities of Undercover Boss…LIES!

This is what I learned from the first episode of the new CBS show that premiered right after the Superbowl

-The biggest noticeable thing is that these CEOs do not deal with the underlying issues that are affecting their companies. Instead they are choosing quick-fix solutions that ignore the issues that create the problems.

-Out of all the people that the undercover boss had shadowed during their day of work he chooses to only really help substantially the administrative assistant that was doing more than one admin assistant job at a time.  Who also happened to be white like the CEO

-The working class issues that were addressed in the show were not solved.  The CEO only chose to help fix the issues that were “easy”.  In the case of the woman who had to urinate in a can during her garbage pick up routes he made rules that allowed them to make stops to use bathrooms giving them more time to deviate them from scheduled pick up times.

-For the two African American workers he didnt even address the real problems that they had.  For the worker who was being harassed to get his work done constantly by his supervisor–even though it was obvious he was not slacking and the speed that he was asked to perform in was not possible–he gets the award of being a motivational speaker to make people like their crappy jobs more!  The other man who clearly had health issues was also given the same status, but healthcare issues were not addressed!  This is the way the corporate world works…they mask the problems by making these decisions that hide the issues, but glorifies the oppressed as someone who is such a good worker as they battle through adversity…gah!

-For the white lady who was being oppressed by her supervisor to constantly clock in on time at lunch or risk being docked double the time for time missed.  Mr. CEO handled it by speaking to the supervisor and calling him out on his bad boss habits.

-The producers really chose stories that would appeal to the TV audience, which is shown in how they humanize the CEO by putting him in positions to make him feel “bad”, not just shown through his inability to do the grunt work, and by the choice in choosing him to sit with a garbage collector who drove a route that showed her interaction with an autistic residential customer.  This was suppose to help “humanize” the CEO and make us not feel like he is not oppressing his workers!

In summation…this show sucks and gives us a sense of things getting better, but in REALITY it is not.  There is no such thing as a quick fix!




2 Responses to “Dont fall for the false generosities of Undercover Boss…LIES!”

  1. Mal C. Ontent Says:

    I fell for this show at first like many others….then I watched them all online.The recurrent theme is show the CEO’s human side,maybe get a tear or two out of them,and show them rewarding/helping the poor workers.
    After watching all of the shows,I agree with you,this show is bullshit.It is designed to brainwash the masses that big companies aren’t all bad and that if we just put on a happy face and don’t complain during these rough times,we will be rewarded.The really depressing thing is that these execs could not perform entry level jobs,I know it was supposed to be humorous but they hold our livelyhoods in their hands.The worst was the CEO of Churchill Downs who was nervous and scared of horses! What an insult to the rank and file workers to have someone like this making executive decisions.Basically I feel I was tricked into watching one long commercial for 7-11,Hooters etc. showing what great places they are to
    patronize and work for.I’ll wager each company will force new employees to watch their episode as part of orientation.

    • Thanks for the kind words bro! I agree with you and I am willing to add to your wager so we can win make more money and hopefully make all the changes ourselves! (Big dreams and thoughts, but one can dream anyway!) I only watched one episode and I couldn’t bear to watch it again. However, if I get any free time in the future, I should probably watch it some more so I can learn how to respond to things that may come up when people use this show as a defense…especially when they say that the companies are doing good for their employees.

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