Food Banks

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Volunteered for the first time at a food bank with my roommate Jocelyn. Totally worth it and hope to do it again sometime on days off from writing.

Americans truly are elitists with their food. If what we worked with yesterday was the rejects of what would be sold in the stores we shop at, makes me wonder how much food Americans are really wasting!

So sad.


Wall Street Quotes

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Carl Fox: He’s using you, kid. He’s got your prick in his back pocket, but you’re too blind to see it.
Bud Fox: No. What I see is a jealous old machinist who can’t stand the fact that his son has become more successful than he has!
Carl Fox: What you see is a guy who never measured a man’s success by the size of his WALLET!
Bud Fox: That’s because you never had the GUTS to go out into the world and stake your own claim!
[Long Pause]
Carl Fox: Boy, if that’s the way you feel, I must have done a really lousy job as a father.

Lou Mannheim: Bud… Bud I like you. Just remember something. Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.
Bud Fox: I think I understand.


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“The whole value of solitude depends upon one’s self; it may be a sanctuary or a prison, a haven of repose or a place of punishment, a heaven or a hell, as we ourselves make it”


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Now I know what Nelly is saying!

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The Price is Wrong…Bitch!

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I’ll steal Adam Sandler’s famous lines today.

Despite getting some persimmons and eating a slice of pumpkin pie, which I was craving for the past for two days, my delight of a somewhat good day has been sullied by my medical bills.

Let’s play the Visa Commercial game:

1. Ambulance ride to hospital: $1274, $17 of it is gas mileage.  The rest is bullshit because all they did was take my blood pressure and give me a rag to wipe my bloody face with.

2. Sharp Bill by the numbers:

Radiology: $8K (one Cat Scan, and an X-Ray)

ER Services: $2K (Blood pressure, one pill of vicodin, a TdAp, oh and you hooked me up to some machines, oh and told me about my fractured nose)

Pharmacy: $565 (Not sure why, I took my prescription to Walgreens?)

Having a story to tell everyone and dealing with all the headaches that came out of this incident and bill: Legendarily Priceless (I think).

One thing I do know is, I don’t regret it because my actions because they were justified and with righteous intent.

Don’t get in!

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Do not get into an ambulance unless you absolutely have to.  I sure as hell didn’t want to and was refusing until I just gave in and got into the damn thing.

Now the bill sucks.  Didn’t even receive treatment en route to the hospital.  The bill is $1274, but only $17 of the whole damn thing was gas.  What a stupid thing it is to pay the rest of that ridiculous amount for nothing but a towel to wipe my bloody face.

What kind of highway robbery society do we live in?